Industries that keep our society ticking

Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.

“Primary industries still the backbone of society” (Gina Rinehart – Opinion, 21/11). This respectfully is worthwhile repeating.

With much gratitude, farmers, miners, agricultural workers etc all assist in clothing and feeding the Australian people and tens of millions of others around the world.

Its amazing that 900 million tonnes of iron ore are exported as well as coal, lithium, copper, nickel, and uranium.

This is despite climate change activists, politics, paper shuffling, lands rights, and mounting red tape and lack of school curriculum appreciation.

Many thousands of workers are employed in these industries, and Australia reaps huge benefits.

In appreciation and respect for their work and value to our nation, the request by Gina Rinehart – a champion of primary industry – for National Mining and Related Industries Day to be supported by our parliaments on November 22 should be honoured.

Ron Brown, Ballina